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Rosa Higgs is a retired public school and community college Professor of English.  She holds a Masters Degree in Special Education and post-graduate work towards her doctorate in Disability Studies with an emphasis on Reading Instruction.  Her undergraduate studies began at San Francisco State University.  While at SFSU she was a founder of our country’s first Black Student Union and the first Black Studies Curriculum. 

She is the developer and author of Read in 40 Minutes or Less, a reading recovery curriculum and co-director of the Leo C. Higgs Educational Foundation.  In each of her positions as Case Manager and Reading specialist, she increased student standardized scores in reading, writing, and math for her students.

Christina is an education reformer. She is focused on advocacy and support of charter schools, as well as promoting effective reform throughout the public school system. Today she serves as COO of the Read in 40 Corporation. 

She has distinguished herself as a powerful catalyst for the creation and sustainability of high-quality education reform in California.    

She also plays a pivotal role in designing and executing the Oakland Unified School District data analysis and research.  


Hon. Ben Bartlett is a fifth-generation Berkeley native, environmental lawyer, and respected community leader. Ben’s mission is to leverage industry and government to deliver innovation, expand opportunities, education, and protect the environment.

Yelda Bartlett is a lawyer who helps women and children. Yelda has been awarded the Super Lawyer award five times. She is an immigrant who believes in education and families.