Data and Results

Site #1: High School
Reading Mean Pre Score 5.3 Mean Post Score 10.2
Math Mean Pre Score 5.6 Mean Post Score 9.7
Site #2: High School
Reading Mean Pre Score 5.5 Mean Post Score 9.7
Math Mean Pre Score 5.7 Mean Post Score 9.3

"The summer before my junior year I knew I had to do something. I couldn’t read very well and I couldn’t hide it any more. So over the summer break I decided to try Read in 40 at home. My best friend said it really helped him and he’s on Honor Roll. Well, by the time school started that Fall I had made it all the way through! When the school tested us. I scored 2 years ahead of my grade! Now I’m studying for the college entrance exam! Thank you Read in 40, you saved my life. For real!” -BJ.

“Read in 40 freed up my time and money. No longer do I have to send the children to after school tutoring. Their reading scores have gone up two years each and it only took them less than three months!Thank you Read in 40 You saved us!” - Mrs. Scott.

“I read ok, but my vocabulary was extremely low. Then after I began using Read in 40 every day for approximately 30 minutes, my vocabulary increased to a level beyond the 12th grade in less than four months.” - Ronald G. Age 15

Site #3: 4th and 5th Grade
Reading Mean Pre Score 3.0 Mean Post Score 7.0
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“I could read before, but now I can read and spell much better. I’m in the advanced reading group now thanks to Read in 40.” - Shameka T. Age 7

“Before my mom bought me Read in 40, sometimes I did good in reading and sometimes not so good. Now I do excellent all the time.” - Jeremy W. Age 10

“My 10 year old son was struggling every day. But when he started using Read in 40 his reading improved dramatically. He’s reading at the 7th grade level in less than 4 months! Read in 40 is a true blessing. I’m sending each of my nieces and nephews their very own Read in 40 Workbooks.” - Ms. Skinner.

“No more Special Ed class for our son. Now he’s reading just fine, and in just 3 months his reading score went up 3 grade levels! We are so grateful to Read in 40 and his teacher for helping our son learn to read so fast!” - Mr. & Mrs. R. Johnson.

“Six months ago our 13 year old son read at the 2nd grade level. But after giving him the Read in 40 Workbooks, he’s above grade level in all his subjects and is getting straight A’s in history, science and math!” - Mrs. McGee.

Adult Learners: “I am 47 years old. I dropped out of school many years ago because I thought I couldn’t learn. Then I heard about Read in 40 and decided to give it a try. I did and I learned to read in the privacy of my home and without being embarrassed. Just me and Read in 40. I just passed the driver’s written test and got a huge promotion on my job.” - Mr. Shelby.

Kurkus Workbook Review says- “...Read in 40 builds reading skills in a short time and gives students a taste of success...”