A Helpful Guide Through Our Reading Recovery Curriculum

How Read in 40 Works

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Sample Lessons

Sample Lessons

Volume 1


Lesson 1: The Awesome Alphabet

Lesson 3: The Consonant Sounds

Lesson 4: Short Vowel A

Lessons 5-9: Short Vowels E, I, O, U and Long Vowels

Volume 2

Lesson 1: One Syllable Words

Lesson 2: L Blends

Lesson 3: R Blends

Lesson 4: S Blends

Lesson 5: The Three Letter Blends

Lesson 6: R-Controlled Vowels

Lesson 7: Diphthongs

Lesson 8: Multi-Syllable Words

Lesson 9: Adding ING

Lesson 10: Consonant Digraphs

Lesson 11: Vowel Digraphs

Lesson 12: C & G

Lesson 13: Y is a Vowel and a Consonant

Lesson 14: Silent Letters

Lesson 15: LE at the End of a Word

Lesson 16: Syllabication

Lesson 17: The Really Big Words

Ready Reference Guide

Volume 2: Answer Book & Teacher Manual Answer Book & Teacher Manual

Volume 3: All The Parts of Language Arts